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State Rep. Paula Davis’s IVF Modernization Bill Passes House Civil Law Committee


Baton Rouge, LA — State Representative Paula Davis’s IVF Modernization Bill passed the House Civil Law Committee without objection. House Bill 833 aims to modernize laws established nearly 37 years ago concerning in vitro fertilization (IVF) to align with contemporary medical practices. 

The legislation maintains crucial provisions safeguarding patients from gross negligence and protecting the sanctity of life. Additionally, it reinstates protections for IVF medical practices, clinics, medical personnel, and, significantly, patients' rights. This law holds medical institutions to elevated standards of care, ensuring the well-being of patients and the sanctity of unborn lives.

“IVF represents a beacon of hope for couples grappling with infertility,” said Representative Paula Davis. “I’m honored to live in a state that continues to support pro-family legislation bipartisanly. It is imperative IVF procedures are executed with meticulous care and precision, given their profound impact on both the safety of children and the aspirations of families undergoing these treatments.”

Click here to read the full legislative text of House Bill 833.

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